1. Heating Repair Fort Collins: Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

    Have you ever wondered if those “facts” you hear about energy efficiency are true or not? As your trusted Fort Collins heating repair company, we hear quite a few misconceptions when it comes to energy efficiency. Today we’re going to debunk a few common myths about energy efficiency. It takes more energy to turn the lights on and off throughout the day than it does to leave them on. False! …Read More

  2. Heating Repair Fort Collins: Furnace Myths Debunked

    The heating season is in full swing and with it comes many misconceptions and myths we hear year after year. Today we want to bust some common furnace myths that we hear as trusted heating repair experts in Fort Collins. Remember - call us any time you have questions or are unsure! All furnace filters are the same. Buy whichever one is the cheapest! Wrong! Each furnace is designed with specificati…Read More

  3. Heating Repair Fort Collins: More Furnace Mistakes To Avoid

    It’s much easier to make mistakes when it comes to your furnace than you may realize.    Whether you simply forget to change your furnace filter for a while, you forget to perform maintenance on your furnace, or you simply forget and block air registers with furnitures, we’ve already covered a few common mistakes homeowners make that end up leaving them calling on us - your trusted Fort Coll…Read More

  4. Heating Repair Fort Collins: Don’t Make These Furnace Mistakes

    One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is by learning from others. When it comes to maintaining a furnace, there are several common mistakes that homeowners make. However, it’s also easy to sidestep these mistakes by simply becoming aware of them! As your heating repair experts in Fort Collins, we’re here to give you a few common furnace mistakes that homeowners mistake so that you can …Read More

  5. The Importance of Heating Repairs by Landlords

    The winter months in Colorado can involve beautifully sunny weather, but the outdoor temperatures can still be cold. Maintaining your home in the middle of Colorado winters involves having heat for your home, condo or apartment. Even if the heat is turned low, keeping pipes from freezing requires having a source of heat so the air temperature surrounding the pipes doesn’t dip below freezing and …Read More

  6. Is Your Heater is Ready for Cold Temperatures?

    The temperatures are dropping in Colorado and the sweatshirt and extra blankets aren’t cutting it for helping you and your family stay warm between the time the sun goes down and when you go to bed. It is time to turn on your heater. Call a HVAC repair technician to do a check of your furnace or boiler and identify any heating repairs that need to be made. This is important to making sure your h…Read More

  7. Tips for Winterizing your Home to Save Money

    Before the cold weather of winter hits the Front Range of Colorado, follow these tips for winterizing your home while saving money and using less energy this winter. Service your HVAC system and make any heating repairs needed. Be ready with these tips from our last blog. Before closing up your home for the colder months, test out your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Change out the…Read More

  8. Tips to Prepare your Home for Fall

    Temperatures in the air are getting cooler and there’s a touch of fall in the air. Even though it may not be cool enough to turn on the heater, you may start thinking about doin and make sure when you need it it is ready to help warm your home.In addition to getting your furnace up and running with fall heating repair and maintenance for your Fort Collins home or business, here are a few tips fo…Read More

  9. More Signs your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

    In our last blog, we talked about some signs to look for if your furnace needs to be repaired, but here are more signs you need to call a Fort Collins area heating repair technician to come and evaluate your furnace for repairs. With winter coming, make sure your furnace is working properly with the help of a heating repair service. Your furnace doesn’t come on easily. If your furnace is struggl…Read More

  10. How to Know your Furnace Needs Repairs

    Fall is coming soon and the HVAC systems will be changed over from air conditioning to heating. There are a few basics that are a given with the heating system in your home. Your furnace should work to heat your home during the cooler months. You shouldn’t get ice build up anywhere in your home, except the freezer and maybe the storm door. If you experience either of these signs, you may need he…Read More