All of our technicians at Ace Hi have the skills to handle any type of A/C repair. There is nothing our experts will overlook. No job is too big or small, and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction on every air conditioning repair project we take on.

Whether your A/C system is experiencing a complete meltdown or simply doesn’t seem to be working as well as usual, give us a call and let us help. We’ll diagnose the problem at hand and offer cost-effective solutions designed to get your system working again.


How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Most people think that air conditioners simply lower the temperature in their homes by pumping cool air in, but in reality, the process involves removing warm air from your house and cycling it back in as cooler air. In fact, think of your air conditioner as a refrigerator without the insulated box, since it uses the evaporation of a refrigerant to provide cooling.

Air Conditioning Options

Air conditioners aren’t one size fits all, and an improperly sized air conditioner can result in poor performance and high energy bills during the cooling season. At Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating and Air, we offer in-home assessments to determine why your current A/C system may not be functioning the way it should. We will give you a quote on any air conditioner repairs needed. However, if a replacement system makes more sense than an A/C  repair, we’ll be in the best position to recommend the most cost effective unit for you.


It is recommended that an air conditioner receive a tune-up twice a year to keep it running at top performance and Ace-Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is available to provide a tune-up for your unit any time.

Ace Hi has three Nate certified technicians on staff and the entire staff is consistently trained to ensure that we always are prepared to offer you the best service and the best price.

For over 15 years, Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating and Air has been servicing most of Northern Colorado and each of our employees can handle air conditioner repairs and installations on all models of air conditioners.

Why You Should Consider an Upgrade Regardless of The Federal Tax Incentives?

Advances in technology over the last 10 years mean that today’s higher efficiency HVAC equipment uses less energy, runs more quietly, and provides improved indoor air quality and comfort compared to the older models of air conditioners. And by using less energy and improved refrigerants, your new HVAC equipment is much better for the environment. Most homeowners would like to reduce their energy bills with higher efficiency HVAC equipment and these tax credits help make the initial investment more affordable.

When deciding on the type of air conditioning that would suit your needs, you need to consider certain factors like the size of the room and your local weather conditions. You need expert guidance with these aspects or you could end up with an air conditioner that is inadequate for you or heavy on your pocket.


Contact us at Ace Hi to schedule your air conditioning repair and maintenance calls. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mine. Our goal is to service your air conditioner and offer the best customer service you’ve had.

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