Ace Hi Plumbing has been serving the Front Range since 1996. Rick and Shawn Dowling teamed 8 years ago – both in life and in business. Ace Hi is THE reliable go-to for residential and rural customers who need anything plumbing or HVAC, be it inspections, diagnosis, installation, maintenance or replacement.

Ace Hi keeps customers cool (air conditioning), warm (traditional water heaters or tankless water heaters, boilers/furnaces) and dry (sewers, drains, faucets) with ease.

Rick’s extensive background gives him an edge in understanding complicated problems. He is licensed by the State of Colorado and a Master Plumber with 40,000+ training hours under his belt. He learned first hand how the right part saves time and money working at a plumbing supply house. Rick understands complex problems, knows which components will give the strongest solution in a given situation, and has the expertise to execute and/or oversee the necessary repairs.

Shawn is the heart of Ace Hi. Her keen listening enables her to ask callers the right questions to zero in quickly on the problem, possible fixes and probable equipment needs. This translates into efficient house/business calls for their fleet.

Shawn says she’s always been a hard worker; for her and Rick it is simply habit. The Dowlings realize they are not “normal” if it means not answering your phone or avoiding work. No, their “normal” is the opposite. They care. They pay attention. They give back to their community. They work hard to take excellent care of their customers.

They manage to squeeze leisure into their busy life, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and walking circuits around Lake Loveland. Rick enjoys the quiet outdoor relaxation of fishing; Shawn feeds her soul horseback riding. Both are ardent do-it-yourselfers, so restoring a ’67 Chevy truck and home improvements fits their style.

Next time you stop in Ace Hi Plumbing’s Loveland location at 4916 W. Eisenhower, you will receive an enthusiastic welcome from Zena, their warrior princess German Shepherd official greeter. You will find service from either their Fort Collins or Loveland locations is equally excellent.