1. How To Stop Your Water Heater Pilot Light From Going Out

    Everyone loves some accessible hot water, whether it’s a hot shower on a cold winter morning before work or a steamy bath to help overcome a bad cold. We rely on our water heaters to provide this modern luxury whenever we please, but at one point or another, you have probably let the water run for a while before realizing that the water isn’t heating up at all. While there could be a number of…Read More

  2. Can I Unblock My Clogged AC Condenser on My Own?

      During these hot summer months that are only getting hotter, one of the most critical pieces of equipment we rely on is our air conditioner. One of the most critical elements of an air conditioning unit is the condenser and while checking the logistics of your AC unit yourself might seem like a daunting task to undertake, if your air conditioner condenser is clogged or blocked, it might be wort…Read More

  3. The Pros and Cons of In-Floor Heating

    One of the most luxurious additions you can add to your home bathroom is heated floors. While these are having something of a renaissance in modern architecture, this feature has actually been found in homes since the time of the ancient Romans. Despite being a part of home design for literally thousands of years, this system isn’t fully figured out, and while it offers its share of advantages, …Read More

  4. Common Basement Plumbing Problems

    Many new homes (and older homes as well) in Colorado are sold with an unfinished basement, which is quite appealing to homeowners. Now, they can have the man cave they’ve always wanted, the extra bedroom in the basement for a teenager to have “alone” time, or the perfect gym layout you’ve always dreamed of. An unfinished basement offers up a lot of potential that lights up homeowners eyes.…Read More

  5. How Your Garbage Disposal Affects Your Kitchen Plumbing

    A garbage disposal is one of the best inventions in our kitchens. It makes clean up after meals a snap. You simply rinse your dishes, including uneaten food and food bits, down the drain, hit the garbage disposal, and everything is whisked away without you ever having to think about it again. But did you know that what you do put down your kitchen drain can affect your plumbing? Ace Hi Plumbing of…Read More

  6. Tree Roots and Your Sewer System

    Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape, they provide shade, a home for birds and critters, and the foliage creates an impressive scene in the fall. But there’s one aspect of trees that can be incredibly damaging and harmful for your home — its roots. Large trees, even when they are located a good distance away from the home, have roots that spread up to one-half to three times wider than …Read More

  7. Sump Pump Maintenance

    There are several things in the home that don’t cross homeowners minds until there is a problem — the roof, the foundation, the water heater, etc. Another common system that gets overlooked is the sump pump. Not all Front Range homes have a sump pump, and even in those that do, it isn’t always needed regularly, making it even harder to make it a habit of maintaining it. If you do have a sump…Read More

  8. New AC Standards in 2020

    The weather along the Front Range has been coasting around 60 degrees during the day for a week or two, which means that homeowners can almost go without having their heating or air conditioning turned on. A significant benefit of warm spring weather is seeing lower energy bills in the mail, but a side effect of this is that it gets us (or least the EPA) thinking about how to make HVAC systems mor…Read More

  9. Types of Furnace Filters

    HVAC companies are always talking about how important it is to change your furnace filter every three month or so, but they never say anything about what type of filter you should be using. When you stop by your local hardware store for new filters, you’ll find various options, each with their own list of benefits and specific features — but which one is best for your home? Here is a brief bre…Read More

  10. Heating Safety Tips

    The weather is finally starting to warm up in Northern Colorado, but there’s a good chance that there will be one or two more snow falls this season. If your heat is still turned on or you still have space heaters plugged in, it’s important to understand some basic safety steps to prevent any accidents from occurring. At Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air, our expert HVAC technicians will glad…Read More