The amenity of hot water is something truly valuable that we might take for granted until we don’t have access to it. The water heaters that most of us have in our homes are truly reliable, and provide our home consistent access to hot water when we need it, whether it’s for dishes or a shower or just to warm your hands on a cold day. But just like any other household appliance, the wear and tear that comes from intensive usage most days, if not everyday, can take a toll on the function and longevity of your water heater.

That’s where a water heater expansion tank comes in. Your water heater system and tank functions under a variety of intensive temperatures and pressures, and while you can find and install a high-quality water heater tank through your trusted local plumbers, all that intensive work means your water heater tank does have an expiration date. A water heater expansion tank can significantly push out when that day comes, extending the life of your home’s water heater and your home’s access to hot water. Keep reading to see how Ace Hi Plumbing can provide for your water heater expansion tank needs, or give us a call for plumbing and HVAC service in Fort Collins, Estes Park, Loveland, and the surrounding areas.