We all like to set our thermostats to just the right temperature. Some of us are “hot-blooded” and prefer colder temperatures, while some of us run a bit more “cold-blooded” and like to keep it warm inside; whatever your preference is, we all like to have control over the temperature in our home, and to adjust it to our comfort levels. We may not think about it very often, but our home has a number of appliances and systems that help dictate these temperatures, giving us either the hot or cold air we need to match our comfort levels. Your AC unit is just one of those appliances, but it plays a very vital role, especially as we start to enter the hot summer months of Fort Collins and Colorado.  

Your AC unit might be in fine condition, or it could be in need of immediate repair, but it’s likely somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. So it can be easier said than done to determine whether or not your AC unit is in need of repair. And with the hot summer months that Fort Collins is known for, it’s a pretty important piece of equipment that will keep your home comfortable and cool when you need it most. Keep reading to learn more about AC unit repair services in Fort Collins, and how Ace Hi Plumbing can serve your needs.

Efficiency vs. Efficacy

The most important step for determining whether or not you need AC repair is differentiating between efficiency and efficacy of your AC unit. For many folks, their AC unit might work, but not very well. Many people are fine with an effective AC unit that works well enough, whether it’s not worth the effort to fix, or they simply don’t need much cool air in their home. But efficiency of your AC unit operation is important too, and with the right repair services, you can not only  have a much more efficient AC unit, but you can save money and energy usage on your monthly utility bill as well. 

Need For AC

This is another thing to consider before searching for AC unit repair services: your need for AC.  Like we mentioned above, some folks like their homes warm, while others like to keep them cool. Regardless of your preferences though, the need for AC oftentimes depends on the outside weather, and how that can affect the interior temperature of your home. If you live in Estes Park for example, even the hottest days are mitigated by the mountain air. But for someone living in Fort Collins, summer temperatures can commonly reach the 90’s, meaning that you will desperately need an AC unit in order to keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable.

Frequent Cycling

There are certain symptoms that you may want to look for in your AC unit to consider whether or not it could use some repair services. Some are pretty obvious like bad odors leaks and noises, but others are more subtle like frequent cycling. No matter the temperature or need of AC, your AC unit will naturally cycle through on and off operation, so as to not wear out your AC unit unnecessarily. But an AC unit that is frequently cycling between on and off may be actually a symptom of a greater issue that will require repair. If your AC unit is frequently cycling, consider calling a local HVAC expert like Ace Hi Plumbing in Fort Collins. 

Bad Odors, Leaks, or Noises

Sometimes, the signs that you need an AC repair are a bit more obvious. Take a look over your AC unit and check for any signs of pooling water or unusual noises like grinding or rattling. Give the area a sniff for any bad or musty odors. If you find any of these issues, you might be more on the “immediate repair” side of the spectrum, so contact your trusted local HVAC provider for the AC repair you need for your AC unit, at Ace Hi Plumbing today.

AC Repair in Fort Collins – Ace Hi Plumbing

Your AC unit is a vital piece of equipment that is a part of a larger system keeping your home comfortable. Make sure that it’s working properly and ready to serve your needs, and get the AC unit repair services you need, from Ace Hi Plumbing today! Contact us now to get started