1. AC Unit Repair: Do I Need It?

    We all like to set our thermostats to just the right temperature. Some of us are “hot-blooded” and prefer colder temperatures, while some of us run a bit more “cold-blooded” and like to keep it warm inside; whatever your preference is, we all like to have control over the temperature in our home, and to adjust it to our comfort levels. We may not think about it very often, but our home has…Read More

  2. Why Is My Air Conditioner Making That Noise? (Infographic)

    Whether you have a brand new air conditioner or one you have had for a decade, when it starts making unusual noises, you start panicking. Our Fort Collins air conditioning maintenance and service experts understand the different noises an AC unit can make, and will diagnose and treat the issue as soon as possible. However, we understand that you want to know if the problem is serious enough to cal…Read More

  3. Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Producing Cold Air

    One of the most common issues Fort Collins residents call our air conditioning maintenance team about it that their AC unit is running, but there is no cold air. There might be some air flow, but perhaps it's not as much or as cold as you are used to experiencing. So what can cause that, and how can you fix it? What's Causing The Lack of Cold Air The reason behind this common AC issue could be one…Read More

  4. Don’t Get Sick This Spring

    Americans spend an average of 90 percent of their time indoors. This means that you should be far more worried about the pollutants inside your home than outside of it, as they have a much higher risk of making you sick. As Fort Collins begins to heat up, you are probably starting to think about turning on your air conditioning, but without the proper maintenance and service, you may be blowing po…Read More

  5. Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

    You’ve heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but what you may not know is that this concept can apply to the health of your HVAC systems as much as it can to your physical health. In fact, the best way to avoid costly repairs and premature replacements is to invest in air conditioning maintenance so that your HVAC professionals can anticipate any minor issue…Read More

  6. Now Is The Time To Start Thinking About AC Service

    Even though it seems like winter will never end, spring is on the horizon, and it’s almost time for you to schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment. As your Northern Colorado HVAC experts, we highly recommend having scheduled maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems at least once a year, typically before the season you use them most. This means that spring is the pe…Read More

  7. Did You Forget To Winterize Your AC Unit?

    Winterizing your air conditioner is an essential step in ensuring that it has a long, efficient life. However, if you don’t have scheduled air conditioning maintenance, it can be an easy thing to forget. Especially in Northern Colorado where the weather is unpredictable, forgetting to winterize your AC unit can mean that you will need a professional to come and look at your unit. These are the r…Read More

  8. Winterize your Air Conditioning Unit

    Fall ushers in winter pretty quickly in Northern Colorado. It’s important to keep up on regular air conditioning unit maintenance, and to winterize the outdoor air conditioner. Although the outdoor air conditioning unit is made to stay outdoors all year, even in the winter, maintenance is still suggested to help it last longer. Even though there may be temptation to cover your air conditioning u…Read More

  9. How to Know if your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Refrigerant

    During the summer heat, it’s important for your comfort level to have regular air conditioning maintenance otherwise it may not work to the best efficiency. There can be times though when it’s not working efficiently and you may wonder what you can do to fix it. Coolant or refrigerant is supposed to last the lifetime of the air conditioner unit, but it may need to be filled under certain circu…Read More

  10. Expert Tips for Surviving the Heat

    There's no doubt about it, this summer has been a hot one.  Summer is here at last, and whether you look forward to the summer all year round or you can't stand it, we all have to deal with the heat that it brings. Luckily, air conditioning makes it possible for you to get out of the heat and enjoy your summer. The only problem is that air conditioning can get expensive fast, but luckily, there a…Read More