During the summer heat, it’s important for your comfort level to have regular air conditioning maintenance otherwise it may not work to the best efficiency. There can be times though when it’s not working efficiently and you may wonder what you can do to fix it. Coolant or refrigerant is supposed to last the lifetime of the air conditioner unit, but it may need to be filled under certain circumstances. It’s important to not add more unless it needs it because it could cause problems. Here’s what to look for.

Your Electric Bill

Even if your air conditioning unit isn’t charged correctly, either overcharged or undercharged, it will run less efficiently. Look at your electric bill and compare it to a previous year.

Not Cool Enough During Summer

Your home shouldn’t take forever to cool during summer with central air. If the air blowing from the vents doesn’t feel cool, you may have an issue with your air conditioning unit and you may need to get it maintained or repaired.

The Unit Has Ice on It

If you have ice on your air conditioning unit, you need to get it repaired. Ice should not be able to form outdoors when the air temperature is warm. It could be caused by a few different issues that involve a restricted airflow or being low on refrigerant. If you’re low on refrigerant, you may have a leak and need it fixed before recharging the unit otherwise you may have more issues.

Ace Hi Plumbing performs air conditioning maintenance to residential and commercial properties in the Fort Collins area. Contact us to have a look at your air conditioning unit and we can diagnose the issue and make the needed repairs. Your unit may need to be recharged if there is a leak from accidental damage, or another issue. We will help your home to be comfortable again.