Winterizing your air conditioner is an essential step in ensuring that it has a long, efficient life. However, if you don’t have scheduled air conditioning maintenance, it can be an easy thing to forget. Especially in Northern Colorado where the weather is unpredictable, forgetting to winterize your AC unit can mean that you will need a professional to come and look at your unit. These are the reasons why winterizing is so important:

Frozen Pipes

One of the main reasons we winterize air conditioning units is because there is often water caught in the tubes and AC piping when the first frost hits. Because water expands when it freezes, this causes pipes and tubing to burst, creating leaks and making your AC unit either inefficient or inoperable. In addition, many pipes to the house are not properly insulated and are thus exposed to the elements, causing these to burst as well.


Another common issue many homeowners face is rust. Because we see snow frequently during the winter, we also see many air conditioners that have retained this moisture and began to rust.

Protection From Debris

Part of our winterization process protects against debris and ice, which may damage parts of your AC unit. In addition, debris can clog up certain areas of the unit, making it inoperable when spring comes.

At Ace Hi Plumbing, we understand what your air conditioner has to face in the Northern Colorado climate, especially when it hasn’t been winterized. That is why we are the experts when it comes to air conditioning maintenance, and that is why we are able to help you when your AC unit faces freezing pipes, rust or debris. Winter is one of the best times to have your air conditioner repaired, so contact us today and see what we can do!