Fall ushers in winter pretty quickly in Northern Colorado. It’s important to keep up on regular air conditioning unit maintenance, and to winterize the outdoor air conditioner. Although the outdoor air conditioning unit is made to stay outdoors all year, even in the winter, maintenance is still suggested to help it last longer.

Even though there may be temptation to cover your air conditioning unit through winter, there is no need. They are constructed to keep the condenser in good condition, despite the harsh weather they may face in the outdoor elements. Covering them can actually do a couple of things to your air conditioning unit that can cause problems. With it covered, condensation can build up inside of the unit, possibly causing damage. Without a cover, the air conditioning unit can breathe and dry out after storms. Another possibility of damage to your unit when covered is for small animals to shelter under it.

As quickly as fall turns to winter, leaves fall and can make a mess of the condenser unit if it is not kept clean. Throughout winter, check on the condenser, and clear snow and debris from the condenser unit to a few feet away from the unit. While you are doing this, if you happen to notice any damage to the air conditioning unit or if something looks out of sorts, contact an air conditioning maintenance company that serves your Fort Collins home, like Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air. We can come out for air conditioning maintenance or repairs. We are also here to help answer questions about your air conditioning maintenance.