Temperatures in the air are getting cooler and there’s a touch of fall in the air. Even though it may not be cool enough to turn on the heater, you may start thinking about doin and make sure when you need it it is ready to help warm your home.In addition to getting your furnace up and running with fall heating repair and maintenance for your Fort Collins home or business, here are a few tips for you to check your home and make sure your home is ready for the cooler temperatures.

  1. Use a lit candle to check for drafts. Your windows and doors will become more drafty as they age and the seals begin to wear out. Making sure these are sealed will help keep the cold weather out and your warm weather in your home. This includes adding caulking to window seals if the existing caulking has worn out or gotten old.
  2. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, buy and install one. These are a very affordable way to manage your heating costs in the winter months by using a system that is set to fit your schedule and leave it, rather than turning it up, then forgetting it and paying for heating you don’t use. There are often rebates from your utility company to help with the cost of these as an incentive. Your local heating repair company can also install a programmable thermostat for you.
  3. Get your air conditioning ready for winter. This may need to wait until the temperatures drop a little more in September, but to avoid undue A/C repairs, have your cooling service done at the same time as your heating repairs and maintenance and you’ll also save money on one service call instead of two.