1. Managing Your Home’s Heat During the Winter

    When it comes to the winter months, there are a variety of things to get excited about. There is plenty of snow to frolic around in, there might be a variety of winter sports you want to participate in, and there are delicious treats, hot drinks, and holidays with the family to look forward to. And many people will tell you that there are few things better than curling up in a warm and cozy home o…Read More

  2. Preparing Your Home and Plumbing for Winter

    For folks who live in Colorado, especially folks living in the Front Range area, the upcoming winter months are somewhat of a double-edged sword. For many people, the sight of snow covered trees, getting warm next to a heater with a warm drink, and the opportunity for winter sports brings about some excitement and enjoyment for the winter months, especially with thoughts of the upcoming holidays. …Read More

  3. The Pros and Cons of In-Floor Heating

    One of the most luxurious additions you can add to your home bathroom is heated floors. While these are having something of a renaissance in modern architecture, this feature has actually been found in homes since the time of the ancient Romans. Despite being a part of home design for literally thousands of years, this system isn’t fully figured out, and while it offers its share of advantages, …Read More

  4. Maximize Warm Airflow This Winter

    Colorado is cold, and while the mountains look beautiful covered in snow, it’s hard to crave that bone chilling feel when you’re inside of your home. Luckily our HVAC units provide us with tons of warmth throughout the cooler season. If you’re looking to maintain this warm temperature throughout your home, there are a few quick and easy things that you can do to maximize the flow of air thro…Read More

  5. Common Issues With HVAC Units During the Winter

    Winter brings about plenty of issues, especially with the way that Colorado weather tends to go. These below freezing temperatures call for proper preparation, otherwise, there are some serious issues that could arise because of negligence. At Ace Hi, we ensure that all of our specialty services are taken care of before the cold weather ever has the chance of ruining your home. From your plumbing …Read More

  6. Tips For Saving on Electric During the Winter

    In our last blog post, we covered a few of the ways that can help you save some money as we enter the cooler months here in Colorado. From changing the direction that your fan is spinning to the types of thermostat that you use to monitor your HVAC unit, there are still quite a few other ways that you can see your electric bill lower this season. Here are a few more tips from the team of HVAC prof…Read More

  7. Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

    In our last blog post, we unveiled the reality behind which one of your heating and cooling services is more expensive, if you haven’t make sure to check out our blog, but if you’re in a real crunch for time to find new ways to save some money on your electric bill this winter, then save it for a snowy day. At Ace Hi, we are always looking for ways to make our customers homes more efficient an…Read More

  8. Keeping Your Furnace Blazing Through The Winter Part 2

    Snow. Although it is a popular commodity here in Colorado, this fluffy moisture can be more than a handful when dealing with furnace issues in your home. The freezing weather can be hazardous to all occupants, not to mention the integrity of the water and sewage pipes encased within your house. If you’re in need of heating repairs and service in Fort Collins, look no further! Ace Hi Plumbing is …Read More

  9. Keeping Your Furnace Blazing Through The Winter Part 1

      The seasons are certainly changing in Colorado. From the crisp breeze to the abundance of football talk, autumn is upon us. For many people, that signifies the time to light the heat beacon in your home. The average citizen does not often think about their HVAC system until a problem arises. If you happen to be facing this issue, we can help! Ace Hi Plumbing also specializes in furnace repairs …Read More

  10. It’s Time for Your Heating Service!

    Now Is The Best Time For Annual Heating Service It’s that time of year again to start thinking about your annual heating service! At Ace Hi, we go above and beyond to make sure you have the best service and maintenance, so your HVAC equipment can perform at its highest efficiency for as long as possible. August and September are the best times to start thinking about your heating service, becaus…Read More