For folks who live in Colorado, especially folks living in the Front Range area, the upcoming winter months are somewhat of a double-edged sword. For many people, the sight of snow covered trees, getting warm next to a heater with a warm drink, and the opportunity for winter sports brings about some excitement and enjoyment for the winter months, especially with thoughts of the upcoming holidays. But even for folks who love the thought of an upcoming winter, there are still some concerns and uncontrollable frustrations that can come with the colder temperatures and more severe weather.

Roads get icy or snow covered, making driving an unenjoyable experience that ranges from nerve racking to downright scary. Outdoor activities require much more preparation, and even then, the cold and the elements often limit the activities you can even attempt. And for homeowners, the cold temperatures mean that pipes can freeze, heating bills are higher, and any issues with your plumbing or heating can become a serious problem very quickly. 

That’s why it is critical for you to prepare your home, your plumbing, and your heating system for the drastic drop in temperature that comes with a Colorado winter. And Ace Hi Plumbing is here to help. We have proudly been serving Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park with quality plumbing and HVAC services for almost 25 years, and we have seen our fair share of winters that can cause damage and concern for any homeowner. Keep reading to learn just a few tips on how you can prepare your home and your plumbing for the winter, and how Ace Hi is here to help.

How to Prepare Your Home Plumbing and Heating for Winter - infographic

Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets

Preparing your outdoor faucets for the winter is a simple yet critical step in maintaining your homes function during the cold months. We have talked about this issue a few times in our blogs, but it is important enough to hammer home yet again. An outdoor spigot has direct access to your waterline, which means that unless your water line is completely shut off, there is still water ready to use sitting in your spigot and pipes. This is great for when you need to use it, but the winter temperatures mean that the water within your outdoor faucet can freeze quite easily, causing severe or even irreparable damage to your outdoor faucet. You can prepare for this by doing a few things before the temperatures get too cold. Disconnect all hoses and attachments from the spigot, shut off the water that is connected to your outdoor faucet, and then inspect for any drips or leaks. Drips and leaks can mean there is still standing water within the spigot and if that water freezes, that’s where the damage can occur. If you have done all this, the last step is to insulate the parts of your outdoor faucet that are directly exposed to the air,  whether that is through a hose bib or a blanket. This will ensure that your outdoor faucet is “winterized”  for the upcoming cold temperatures, mitigating the potential of any damage on your home.

Inspect and Protect Outdoor Pipes

Similarly to your outdoor faucets, outdoor pipes canned have the same issues due to cold temperatures. Even when not in use, your pipes probably have excess water standing inside them. This is great when you need to use your pipes, as water is ready and waiting, but when temperatures start to drop below freezing overnight, the standing water can freeze and potentially cause irreparable damage and cracks to your outdoor piping. In order to mitigate against this issue you can do a few things. First of all, inspect your outdoor piping and ensure there are no leaks or cracks that can allow for the freezing air to get in. Next, you will want to drain or turn off the water connection to your pipes, so there is no standing water in there that can freeze and cause damage. Lastly you will want to insulate your pipes from the freezing temperatures. This can be done with hose bib, a blanket, or heat tape wrapped around your entire piping system. You can also find pipe insulation products at a variety of hardware stores.

Perform Maintenance on Heating Systems

This form of preparation is probably one of the more important ones for your overall home experience and livelihood. As much as our homes are a basic shelter from the cold air and freezing temperatures, the biggest benefit they offer is their ability to generate heat, both hot air to keep your home warm, and hot water, whether it’s for cooking or for showers. During less severe weather, you might not be very concerned about the functioning of your heater, furnace, or water heater, but when temperatures outside drop below freezing, dysfunctional heating systems can expose the interior of your home to  similar freezing temperatures. While this is rarely life-threatening, the shelter and warm comfort of your home can disappear quicker than you think without reliable heating systems. 


Performing simple maintenance on these systems in your home can be the difference between a warm and cozy shelter, and a freezing cold night spent wrapped up in all the blankets you own. For your water heater, make sure to drain your water heater tank, and inspect for any issues on the pilot light or thermocouple before the freezing temperature. For your furnace or in-home heating system, ensure that all necessary thermostats and appliances have fresh batteries, and ensure that your pilot light is working properly if the system requires one. 

Get a Professional Inspection

As much as you can do on your own to prepare your home and your home’s Plumbing for the winter, nothing can really replace the opinion and inspection from a plumbing expert. And that’s where our team at Ace Hi Plumbing comes in. We have a diverse amount of plumbing and HVAC experts, with decades and decades of combined experience working on plumbing and heating systems all over Northern Colorado. When you contact us to set up a professional inspection for your heating or plumbing, you are getting almost 25 years of reliable service and customer satisfaction. Our plumbing and heating technicians have seen it all, especially throughout the winter months, which means they can give you the best opinion possible on what your home needs to be prepared for the colder months ahead. Our plumbing experts will take the time to spot potential issues or appliances that are in need of maintenance, meaning you won’t be caught off guard during the winter when you need those appliances most. And any issue we do find, we can fix cleanly, quickly, and at an affordable rate, making your home plumbing and heating fully prepared and ready to take on the freezing temperatures ahead. 

Winter Preparation in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park — Ace Hi Plumbing

As you can see, there are a variety of things you need to consider as the temperatures start to drop, and the one you may not think about is the condition of your home’s plumbing and heating. Ace Hi Plumbing has provided quality plumbing and heating service all over the Front Range for almost 25 winters, and we would be happy to provide this level of service and satisfaction to you. Contact us today and see how our team can help prepare your home plumbing and heating for the winter.