The seasons are certainly changing in Colorado. From the crisp breeze to the abundance of football talk, autumn is upon us. For many people, that signifies the time to light the heat beacon in your home. The average citizen does not often think about their HVAC system until a problem arises. If you happen to be facing this issue, we can help! Ace Hi Plumbing also specializes in furnace repairs and service in the Fort Collins area. We’re here to keep your furnace cranking and your home an oasis of comfort during our inconsistent weather. Although we are available 24/7 for emergencies, our goal is to keep your home in optimum condition round-the-clock. When it comes to winter preparations, there are a few measures you can take to keep your furnace in the best possible condition. Today, we’ll look into the most important task you can accomplish to prevent costly repairs down the road.


Changing The Filter


The cheapest and most beneficial action you can take to keep your furnace happy is to replace the air filter in a timely manner. Many people fail to remember this seasonal chore and often face the consequences in the form of costly furnace repairs. Simply trading your old dusty filter out for a new one can help in numerous ways. A few big benefits include:

  • Lower energy costs. Having a dirty, clogged HVAC system will do nothing but drain electricity and run up your utility bill. Your poor furnace needs to work exponentially harder to achieve the same results of years previous. Simply swapping out that filter can save you big dollars in the long run. The cost of a new filter is easily offset by your home’s newfound energy efficiency.


  • Longer HVAC lifespans. Running your furnace while it is clogged and soiled can be very detrimental to its life expectancy. More effort equates to more strain on your heating system, increasing the chances of something malfunctioning or failing altogether.
  • Better air quality. The overall quality of the air in your home is largely determined by the efficiency of your HVAC filter. Allergens from dust and animals can wreak havoc on your home’s inhabitants once that filter is past its prime. Buying a new filter and tossing the old one will lead to cleaner air and easier breathing.



The act of switching out your air filter in a timely manner is essential for home comfort. Failure to do so can result in costly heating repairs. If this fate befalls you, don’t hesitate to contact Aci Hi Plumbing. We are your experts in heating repairs and services in the Fort Collins area. If you’re interested in our professional maintenance services, don’t hesitate to call us today!