One of the most luxurious additions you can add to your home bathroom is heated floors. While these are having something of a renaissance in modern architecture, this feature has actually been found in homes since the time of the ancient Romans. Despite being a part of home design for literally thousands of years, this system isn’t fully figured out, and while it offers its share of advantages, it comes at a cost. Curious to learn more about in-floor heating? Join Ace Hi Plumbing as we cover this popular feature.

The Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating

There’s a lot to enjoy about in-floor heating. It’s a hidden way to offer a warming effect in the places in your home that often need it the most, like bathrooms or kitchens. Here are some of the reasons our clients in the Front Range like their heated floors.

It Offers Uniform Heating

When you rely on heating a room through vents, you might find that some areas of the room are warmer than others. This can be especially noticeable in rooms with tile floors that get cold fast at some points throughout the year. Conversely, a radiant heating system does a great job of heating the entire floor in a space. This makes a room more comfortable to step into, even when the ambient temperature is a little cooler than might otherwise be comfortable.

They Silently Warm a Space

On cold days, we might like the “click-woosh” sound of our heaters kicking on, but they can get a little noisy. Forced-air systems require a loud furnace or heater to operate in order to warm a space. In-floor heating, however, is silent. The coils in the floor turn on quietly and offer you gentle warmth without assaulting your ears.

It’s Basically Maintenance-Free

We all love to be a little lazy, and when we can find ways to minimize the amount of work we have to put into our homes, we often do so. In-floor heating needs basically no maintenance after it’s been installed. In many cases, the warranties on these systems last 25-30 years, which can help to ease your mind even more. Should your heated flooring need maintenance during the warranty period, you can trust the installation expert to repair it for you quickly. They’ll use a thermal imaging camera to determine where in the floor needs to be inspected and repaired. 

They’re Surprisingly Energy Efficient

The almost luxurious nature of in-floor heating leads some to believe that it will cost them on their next energy bill. In reality, heated floors are often 25% more efficient than forced-air systems. Since the heating system doesn’t allow the warmth to escape anywhere, the flooring retains nearly all of the heat, which means you aren’t paying for energy you’re not using. Generally, you’ll find that your electric floors cost less than a dollar a day to operate. 

The Disadvantages of Radiant Floor Heating

There’s no denying that heated flooring is pretty great, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Here are some of the things you should be aware of when you’re considering putting in-floor heating in your home.

You’ll Have to Replace Your Flooring

There are two common in-floor heating systems, electric and hydronic. Both of them require you to remove and replace your flooring. Installing radiant heating into your flooring is best suited for new construction, or for a total remodel of the bathroom, as it’s not exactly a weekend project. 

They Can Get Expensive Fast

While running your in-floor heating might not cost you much, getting it installed will. You’ll need to tear out your existing flooring, and then put down a new electric or hydronic system. This can add a major expense to the project and, in some cases, may be the most prohibitive aspect of the project. It’s estimated that the cost of replacing your existing flooring with heated floors costs about $10 to $10 per square foot. You’ll also need to collaborate with a plumber near you and an electrician as well. These service calls can cost several hundred dollars on their own. At a minimum, you’ll likely be looking at an installation cost of about $500 just to get a professional to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Not only does in-floor heating take up money but it also takes up a lot of time. Typically, you’ll need to let your new heated floors dry in place for two full days before you can put your new floor covering down. This can take another few days before you can walk on the floor. In some cases, these projects can take about a week to complete.

It Can Raise the Height of Your Floors

Depending on which in-floor heating system you choose, your flooring could be elevated as much as a half-inch higher than what it was before. While this doesn’t sound like much, it can create a slight lip at your door frame and could require you to extend some of the piping or outlets in your space. 

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