In our last blog, we talked about some signs to look for if your furnace needs to be repaired, but here are more signs you need to call a Fort Collins area heating repair technician to come and evaluate your furnace for repairs. With winter coming, make sure your furnace is working properly with the help of a heating repair service.

  • Your furnace doesn’t come on easily. If your furnace is struggling to get started, it may indicate that there are electrical issues or a part is faulty.
  • The furnace may not stay on through an entire warming cycle. Again, this may mean you have a part needing to be replaced.
  • Your family is having a hard time breathing because of the allergens and mold that’s circulating through your home. A poorly functioning system will circulate air contaminants and air quality levels will drop.
  • You have ice form on your roof. This can be a sign that the heat is leaking through your roof as opposed to staying in your home. Have a heating repair technician look at this problem and help you save money.

You may need to have your furnace replaced:

  • If your furnace is between 10 and 20 years old, you should start planning on buying and installing a new furnace.
  • If you have repaired your furnace multiple times within the last two years.

Contact us at Ace Hi Plumbing for high-quality heating repair service from Fort Collins down to the Boulder County area. We will come and do an estimate for you and diagnose the issue quickly to save you time and money.