Fall is coming soon and the HVAC systems will be changed over from air conditioning to heating. There are a few basics that are a given with the heating system in your home. Your furnace should work to heat your home during the cooler months. You shouldn’t get ice build up anywhere in your home, except the freezer and maybe the storm door. If you experience either of these signs, you may need heating repair for your Fort Collins home. Here are three other signs you need to have your furnace repaired by a professional.

  • Looking at the pilot light, you find it’s not burning blue, which is ideal, but it’s yellow. In this case, call a heating repair technician to check your furnace. This is a sign of a bad gas combination and it could be dangerous to keep it burning without the right mixture.
  • Your furnace is noisy. Actually, it sounds horrifying. When your furnace starts groaning, banging or whining, you’re right if you think something is wrong and generally means the furnace may have a component that is about to fail or a belt loose. A heating repair technician can easily diagnose and fix these parts.
  • Turning up your thermostat doesn’t get the house warm. Often times when a furnace is in need of repairs, it may not even kick on. Although inadequate heating can also indicate leaky duct work, or a pilot light that is malfunctioning.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, contact us at Ace Hi Plumbing. We have heating repair service technicians who can give you an estimate of the repairs and who are prepared to do the repairs. We have service 24/7 and know that plumbing and heating repairs often don’t happen during convenient hours. Give us a call so we can help get you warm again in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter.