Have you ever wondered if those “facts” you hear about energy efficiency are true or not? As your trusted Fort Collins heating repair company, we hear quite a few misconceptions when it comes to energy efficiency. Today we’re going to debunk a few common myths about energy efficiency.

  1. It takes more energy to turn the lights on and off throughout the day than it does to leave them on. False! While this was once true with specific fluorescent bulbs that took a long time to turn on, it isn’t true anymore. Today’s light bulbs take less than 1 second to light up.  Unless the bulb hasn’t been replaced for 5 years or more, even the large lights we see in commercial buildings, schools, gyms and other large spaces have all been retrofitted with fast-fire lamps.  The rule of thumb now is that if the light isn’t needed for 10 seconds or more, turn it off!
  2. Leaving a ceiling fan on in a room when you’re not in it will help keep the room cool. False! Your ceiling fan keeps you cool, not your room. Unlike air conditioning units, fans are simply recirculating air and creating flow – that slight breeze that we feel cools us down, but does not actually alter the air temperature.  Save energy by turning off the air conditioner and turning on the ceiling fan while you are in a room…but keep both the fan and AC off when you leave!

Have you heard any energy efficiency “facts” you’d like to confirm? Call us today and let us help!