1. Can I Unblock My Clogged AC Condenser on My Own?

    During these hot summer months that are only getting hotter, one of the most critical pieces of equipment we rely on is our air conditioner. One of the most critical elements of an air conditioning unit is the condenser and while checking the logistics of your AC unit yourself might seem like a daunting task to undertake, if your air conditioner condenser is clogged or blocked, it might be worth s…Read More

  2. Common Air Conditioning Component Failures

    It’s common to hear from our customers that they don’t think about their air conditioner until they need it most. That’s usually when their AC unit goes out during a hot Colorado summer day. At Ace Hi, we don’t want you to suffer while inside your home—especially if it could lead to a heat stroke. We also understand that not everyone is as passionate about air conditioning maintenance in…Read More

  3. Breathe Clean Air With a Clean Air Conditioner

    The trees are blooming, the flowers are blossoming, and people all over Loveland are coughing, sneezing, and rubbing itchy eyes. It’s allergy season. No doubt that many people will be heading to their local drug store to purchase some medicine and then will hide away in their homes with the windows shut tight. But there are probably just as many people who don’t realize that their own home may…Read More

  4. Keep Your Home Energy Efficient This Summer

    April weather in Loveland and Northern Colorado can be a lesson in patience. Days can be warm (when it’s not snowing) and nights are typically still very cool. On the warmer days it can feel like you could turn on the air conditioner, but then at night, you’re stuck freezing waiting for the furnace to heat up your bedroom. This back and forth doesn’t seem very efficient, does it? So during t…Read More