It’s common to hear from our customers that they don’t think about their air conditioner until they need it most. That’s usually when their AC unit goes out during a hot Colorado summer day. At Ace Hi, we don’t want you to suffer while inside your home—especially if it could lead to a heat stroke. We also understand that not everyone is as passionate about air conditioning maintenance in Loveland. This is why we wanted to share with you the six most common air conditioning components that fail. Not only will this help you understand what’s wrong with your AC unit, but you will also be able to have a better conversation with your HVAC specialist.

Six Common AC Component Failures

Don’t get caught in the middle of a hot Colorado summer without air conditioning. If you have an AC unit, it needs to be working for you, not you working on it. Furthermore, if you have an idea of what’s wrong with your unit, you can give better information to your AC specialist at Ace Hi in Loveland. Here are six common component failures in air conditioner units:

Component #1 – Circuit Breaker or Fuse

The most common failure in an air conditioner is the circuit breaker or fuse. In most cases, a fuse or breaker can fail. Replacing this component allows for you to use your AC almost immediately. Although it is the most common component failure, it’s also relatively easy to fix.

Component #2 – Leaky Refrigerant

Your AC unit gets hot as it filters air through your residence. Refrigerant keeps the air conditioner from freezing over while it’s working to keep you cool. If the refrigerant leaks, your AC unit can freeze, which means it stops functioning properly.

Component #3 – Coil Freezes

Along the same lines as component two failing, the coil in the AC unit can freeze if the refrigerant isn’t keeping the unit cool. Furthermore, if your air filter is too dirty, or there are obstructions in your duct work, it can freeze the AC units coils. Once these are frozen, your air conditioner usually stops cooling the air that it delivers to your residence.

Component #4 – Damaged Contacts, Connections, Compressor, or Fan Blades

In most cases, an air conditioner that’s more than five years old begins to have more consistent problems — even the pristinely maintained ones. That’s why having at least on AC tuneup per year is strongly suggested by the pros at Ace Hi in Loveland. Nonetheless, if these components become damaged, you risk premature failure of your AC unit.

Component #5 – Skip Annual Maintenance

It’s common for homeowners to forget they need to have their air conditioner in Loveland maintained at least once a year. At Ace Hi, we would suggest getting your HVAC system checked twice a year so you can avoid repair costs and keep your system running optimally.

Component #6 – Thermostat

If your thermostat is not working properly, it can cause your air conditioner to cycle on and off inconsistently or too often. This results in more energy use and a higher chance of the other components on this list failing.

Need Air Conditioning Maintenance in Loveland?

The HVAC specialists at Ace Hi in Loveland are here to help you fix and keep your AC unit running properly. Don’t go another day without cool air filling your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!