1. Why Spring and Summer Are a Great Time to Clean Your Furnace

    Whether it’s a chilly spring morning or a snowy night dead in the middle of winter, we rely on our furnaces to keep our homes temperate and comfortable. We utilize our thermostats to precisely control the interior temperature, and when we want it warmer, we turn up our thermostat, and our thermostat in turn activates our furnace. It seems like a simple process for us, but there are a wide variet…Read More

  2. Furnace Flame Rollouts: What Causes Them And How To Avoid Them

    The ability to consistently heat our homes with a functional and reliable furnace is a great privilege that a lot of us get to experience. It’s an especially great privilege to have during the cold winter months, being able to enter a warm home after arriving from the cold outdoors. But just like any appliance in your home, your furnace has a lot of different parts and pieces that are critical t…Read More

  3. Types of Furnace Filters

    HVAC companies are always talking about how important it is to change your furnace filter every three month or so, but they never say anything about what type of filter you should be using. When you stop by your local hardware store for new filters, you’ll find various options, each with their own list of benefits and specific features — but which one is best for your home? Here is a brief bre…Read More

  4. Heating Safety Tips

    The weather is finally starting to warm up in Northern Colorado, but there’s a good chance that there will be one or two more snow falls this season. If your heat is still turned on or you still have space heaters plugged in, it’s important to understand some basic safety steps to prevent any accidents from occurring. At Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating & Air, our expert HVAC technicians will glad…Read More

  5. Keeping Your Furnace Running

    Keeping your furnace running at its peak performance is very important to most homeowners. Make sure you schedule yearly inspections for furnace maintenance and air conditioning with a licensed HVAC professional. They have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done right. You can be sure that the team at Ace Hi is prompt, courteous, and professional. Change your furnace filter often. Change …Read More

  6. The Dangers of Gas Furnace Flame Roll Out

    What is Furnace Flame Roll Out Gas furnaces are among the safest appliances any home can have. However, it is recommended that all furnaces have routine maintenance and repairs done. Parts that do not move still degrade from corrosion and soot damage, which can lead to burners and exchangers to develop a very dangerous flame roll out condition. A gas furnace works by mixing air and natural gas tr…Read More