1. When the AC Stops Working

    Next month is July—the month of our Independence Day, the month when Game of Thrones season 7 premieres, and of course, the hottest month of the year in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Northern Colorado. It’s already getting hot around here, with temperatures soon to crack the low 90s—which means July is bound to be a real scorcher. Imagine yourself in the comfort of your home, beating the heat …Read More

  2. Improving Circulation in Your Home

    The Fort Collins AC professionals at Ace Hi know a thing or two about pre-summer AC maintenance because, well, we’re super passionate about it. When summer comes around, you shouldn’t feel like you’re getting broiled like a rum-glazed ham in your own home—you should feel like you’re getting chilled like a crispy can of suds, even when it’s 98 degrees outside. That’s why Ace Hi works …Read More