Believe it or not your thermostat is an extremely important component of your heating and cooling system. Loveland’s Ace Hi Plumbing offers extensive knowledge that goes beyond heating repair and service! It is our commitment to keeping our customers informed about all facets of running an efficient home. Although your thermostat may be an afterthought, there are a couple of good reasons why your thermostat should be examined. There are three basic things your system needs to function. First, the source of warm or cool air. Second, the means to deliver the warm or cool air. Last, the mechanism used to control the system.

  • Ensure the most comfortable temperature in your home
  • Conserve energy
  • Save money

If your thermostat is outdated or not working properly you may be cheating you and your family out of a comfortable living environment. We understand there are many options to choose from and that can be overwhelming, but we can help you with recommendations during our free estimate. New programmable thermostats offer modern conveniences from lower energy bills to automatic temperature adjustment. It is our goal to ensure your entire system is working properly for years to come. Sometimes the smallest changes have big rewards and starts with replacing your old thermostat. Plus, everybody will appreciate an even temperature during the cold Winter months and blistering Summer! It really is just that easy to properly maintain your system down to the smallest detail. Let us provide you with the solutions you need today and for the future.