Fall is approaching and with the new season, we’ll be having cooler weather. You can start preparing with HVAC service for your Fort Collins home to offer heating repair and maintenance. Each fall, having your furnace maintained can help to eliminate issues throughout the winter that would cause you to lose heating during the cold months. Heating repair technicians will inspect your furnace unit, making suggestions and approved repairs, when needed and maintaining your furnaces so it runs most efficiently for you through the winter. Here are some maintenance steps you can do yourself, if you’re inclined.

Change the filters out. Do this especially if you’ve been running your air conditioner through the same filters all summer. Changing the filters will help maintain the heater and keep it running efficiently. Replace the filter with a new one rather than vacuuming your old one. They are not expensive to buy a new one.

Vacuum the unit out and around it. Keeping the unit free of dust, dirt, debris and cobwebs will help it to work well.

Change the batteries in your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, it won’t relay the signal for changes if the batteries aren’t functioning and your HVAC system will seem to not pick up on temperature changes for the auto function.

If you aren’t inclined to work on your furnace yourself, call us at Ace Hi Plumbing for a heating repair and maintenance. We are here to help and can expertly get your furnace ready to keep your home warm and comfortable all year long. Keeping your heating repaired and maintained will save your household money in the long run.