It is the perfect time of the year to have your furnace worked on. You won’t need to have your furnace running, so repairs won’t create a disruption in your daily routine. Our repair technicians will have an open calendar since they will have fewer Summer breakdown emergencies. If you are thinking you don’t need a Spring tune-up here are a few things you may want to consider.

    • Uneven heating: At the end of the winter, during days when the furnace was still running, did you notice that some rooms felt cooler than they should? Uneven heating points to a number of possible malfunctions in a furnace, such as faulty air handlers or the system short-cycling. In an electric furnace, it could be failed heating elements. Repair technicians will find the root cause and repair it.
    • Unusual Odors Coming From Vents: Whether the smells detected from the vents are musty or acrid, anything out of the ordinary needs investigation. A motor might be on the edge of burning out. The vents might be broken, allowing in stale air. Too much dirt could have gathered along the burner in a gas furnace.
    • Weak and Intermittent Burner Ignition: Whether your gas furnace employs a standing pilot light or electronic ignition it should light up all the jets along the burner. But if the burner turns on and off you may have trouble with the gas flow, valves, dirt, or corrosion. Our heating repair and service technicians may need to remove the burner to inspect it.
  • This springtime service is especially important if you failed to have your Fall furnace maintenance done. Maintenance will help you determine problems you may have overlooked. We are here to help you with all your maintenance needs.