It’s Spring! Finally, and there is a good chance you have a toilet or know somebody with a toilet. Regardless of your toilet situation It is always good to have a troubleshooting guide handy especially to avoid costly weekend emergency repairs. Here is a list of five common toilet problems you could run into.

  • Weak Flusher
    • If the toilet was made before 1994, hard water deposits in the syphon jet hole are probably the source of your trouble. You can try to clean them out with wood sticks or toothpicks, but a muriatic acid should do the trick.
  • Strong But Partial Flush
    • The flapper valve may be waterlogged or dropping too quickly. Observe the flapper during a flush and if it is dropping too fast simply replace it.
  • Phantom Flusher
    • This is when the toilet tank fills with water as if it were just flushed when it wasn’t. This is common if there is a leak in the bowl and can be confirmed with a few drops of food coloring to locate the source of the leak.
  • Bowl Water Level Drops
    • After you flush you notice a significant amount of water has left the bowl. Two things could be wrong. Either it has a clog somewhere or something else is causing the drainage. Examine with a flashlight to find the source of the blockage.
  • Double Flusher
    • The water lever for the toilet bowl is set to high and needs to be lowered for better performance.

Spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to those pesky house chores! If you need help getting your toilets in their perfect working condition we are the plumbing services in Fort Collins you need.