We understand that it’s not a pleasant topic to read about, but the more you know about your sewer, the better you’ll be able to protect it from problems and potentially really expensive repairs. And the older your home is, the more important it is to have regular sewer inspections. Even though you may not think about your sewer system on a regular basis, it is still a system that is in use every single day. Many older homes are built with clay pipes that are vulnerable to roots and even homes built recently can be connected to older sewer lines.

So if you’ve been putting off an inspection, it’s time to call the plumbing experts at Ace Hi Plumbing, Heating, & Air. We can protect you and your home from expensive, time-consuming repairs or even a replacement.

Sewer Repair and Replacement Fort Collins

Repairs are Expensive

As we said above, your sewer system is in use every day, meaning that it receives a lot of wear and tear as the years go by. This natural wear and tear will eventually lead to sewer leaks, backups, flooding, leaking of toxic sewer gas, and many other problems. All of these issues are, needless to say, messy and could be potentially dangerous. When you want to avoid all of the above hassles, a sewer inspection is fairly inexpensive, can be done quickly, and could help prevent future problems down the road. With video sewer inspection from Ace Hi, any problems can be detected and your sewer can be repaired. This simple step could save you a lot of money.

Tree Roots

Residents and business owners of Fort Collins, as well as many other cities in Northern Colorado, love trees in their yards and surrounding their office buildings. We have to admit that the beautiful foliage of trees does create an attractive curb appeal and appearance, but if there is a sewer system anywhere near the trees, the roots will grow toward the water and nutrients found in the area. If there are any small holes in the sewer lines, tree roots will grow into them and expand. This will eventually block the flow of water and will lead to damage of the system. If an inspection is not completed to find any blockages or tree roots in the lines, an excavation could be needed to repair the sewer.

Time, Wear and Tear

When was your Fort Collins home built? Considering that Fort Collins was founded in 1883, homes in the area could be over 100 years old. Over those decades, that’s a lot of wear and tear on the sewer system. And even though typical sewer lines last for around 40 years, there are several factors to consider when looking at the health of the entire system. Many older homes were built before modern sewer lines were installed, so they rely on cesspools, clay, or tar paper. If you live in an older home, it may be time to schedule a sewer inspection to detect any problems.

After an inspection, if no major issues are found, you can at least have peace of mind knowing the current health of the system. This will allow your family to properly budget for future sewer repairs and replacements. If sewer repairs are needed, you will know that you’ve prevented more serious problems from happening.

If it’s time for your sewer lines to be inspected, get in touch with the plumbing experts at Ace Hi Plumbing. We serve the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park area with experience, knowledge, and advanced technology. The sewer probably isn’t something you worry about often, so with a regular inspection, you can have peace of mind knowing that a team of experts has looked over the entire system.