If you’re one of those people who have a DIY spirit, we commend you. At Ace Hi, we enjoy the fact that some of our customers in Estes Park can complete a bathroom sink installation on their own. We also want to help you, if you’re one of those people, to do it correctly by sharing some common bathroom sink installation mistakes to avoid. Want to have your bathroom sink installed by a professional? Contact Ace Hi for plumbing services in Estes Park.

Bathroom Sink Installation Mistakes

It can be exhilarating to install your own bathroom sink, be able to point at it, and say “I installed that.” At Ace Hi, we understand, because we are your local plumbing professionals that service Estes Park. However, if you’re looking for some quick tips on how to not install a bathroom sink, here they are:

Mistake #1 – Connections are too tight

It can make sense to fasten plumbing connections as tight as possible. You may be surprised to know that not all connections need to be beyond hand tight. The temperature of the water that flows through the pipes will expand the pipe enough to crack too tight connections. Make sure your connections are just past hand tight, and that you apply just enough putty to washers to ensure proper function.

Mistake #2 – Using the wrong parts

In some cases, the DIY spirit gets the best of us. We decide to use parts that are “close enough” to fitting. This is a recipe for disaster. You want the proper parts for the type of bathroom sink you’re installing. Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of installing anything other than stainless steel parts. Granted, there are exceptions to this rule, but we always go with stainless steel to avoid rusting and other types of long term water damage.

Mistake #3 – Assemble correctly to easily clean

Improper assembly and installation can lead to frequent drain clogging. Although a clogged drain can happen occasionally, a proper bathroom sink installation will help you avoid having to disassemble the entire sink to fix the issue. In most cases, a properly installed sink and plumbing components allow for easier cleaning.

Mistake #4 – Infrequent sink maintenance

Most homeowners don’t maintain their sink, and it results in hidden leaks. These leaks can lead to interior home damage, mold, and other damages. What’s more, checking the sink once a month will save you the cost of plumbing services. However, some plumbing issues need an expert to resolve. Don’t forget to take a peek at your sink plumbing to make sure your DIY installation is still effective.

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