Lately, Colorado has felt like we are underwater with all the heavy rain. It is great because we really need the moisture but unfortunately it can cause some issues for your outdoor A/C unit. Air conditioning maintenance in Fort Collins has never been easier. Inundation of water from heavy rain or flooding can swamp the outdoor components of a central air conditioner. Wind-related impacts can also damage equipment outside the home. Effective HVAC preparedness strategies help reduce the extent of potential damage from water and wind.

Make sure the unit is securely anchored to the concrete pad and encroaching vegetation has been cut back to avoid debris clogging vents.

Consider a canvas cover that fits over the entire unit to keep rain out. Be sure to remove the cover before starting the system after the storm
When a storm threatens, remove any loose objects such as patio furniture, children’s toys, and barbecue grills from the vicinity of the unit. In high wind, objects flying around can potentially cause damage to the condenser coil.

Hail guards can be installed to protect fragile fins on the outdoor condenser coil from damage from large hail. These are permanently installed and offer greater protection than the standard grille.

Storm water damage to HVAC equipment or ducts in the basement can be prevented by installation of a sump pump. These units are installed in a sump basin in the floor and automatically actuate when water in the basin reaches a preset level. Storm water is pumped up and out of the basement and discharged in the back yard.

Now that we are starting to dry out, give us a call to inspect your A/C unit for any potential problems that may arise.