Your spouse runs across the house, swearing repeatedly and searching for the water shutoff valve. Your kids, startled by the swearing, stand quietly in the corner, hoping to either help or stay out of the way—whichever works best for you, really. Your dog (a very, very good boy) definitely wants to help, but he’s just too happy playing in the slow-growing puddle of water in your kitchen. Tempers are heated and the water is running—it’s a full-blown plumbing emergency.

Or is it?

In this blog, the Fort Collins emergency plumbers at Ace Hi will help you determine if your “emergency” is exactly that—or if it’s something that can wait until regular business hours. Follow these three crucial steps first, then make the call on whether or not to make the call for an emergency plumber.

1. Shut off your water.

A lot of plumbing emergencies don’t seem like emergencies at all when the water stops running. But if you don’t know where your emergency water shutoff valve is, your plumbing problem could go from bad to worse. Find your emergency shutoff valve, show it to your spouse and your kids, and teach them how (and when) to use it.

2. Evaluate the problem.

Put on your old Boy Scout hat for a minute. Could you survive through the night in your current plumbing circumstances? Could you find workarounds until the plumbers show up in the morning? For example, take a look at your toilets. Even if one toilet is out of commission, you could use the other working toilet for a bit. If the dishwasher has sprung a leak, you could, I don’t know, wash your dishes by hand for a day. As long as your plumbing is more inconvenient than damaging or dangerous, there’s a good chance you can wait until regular business hours for a plumber.

3. Call your water company.

If you’re not sure what’s causing your plumbing problem, give your water company a call to see if they’re facing any difficulties. Sometimes, broken mainlines or other water/sewer difficulties can cause temporary shutdowns and backups in your plumbing system, and there’s not much your local emergency plumber can do about that. Before you pay the premium plumber price, see if there’s a bigger plumbing issue at play.

If all else fails…

…It’s time to call your emergency plumber. Luckily, with Ace Hi Plumbing, you get 24/7 plumbing, heating, and air service, with no after-hours charges on weekdays before 8 p.m. As your Fort Collins emergency plumber, we want to help you solve your plumbing problems—emergency or not. Call Ace Hi today!