1. Closeup of water heater controls

    How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

    As a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating than having an issue with a major appliance, especially a hot water heater. Typically the average lifespan of a water heater is around eight to 12 years, but we all know sometimes your water heater has a mind of its own. Hot water heater replacements can be expensive. The experts at Ace Hi Plumbing have been serving northern and central Colorado for over…Read More

  2. 4 Tips To Keep Your Water Heater Happy

    Keep Your Water Heater Efficiency High Get Water Heater Services In Northern Colorado Water heaters must be maintained to keep them running with total efficiency. Plumbers handle the maintenance of different water heating systems. Ace Hi Plumbing provides water heater maintenance services in Northern & Central Colorado. The following are tips to keep your water heater happy. Drain The Tank A w…Read More

  3. 4 Things Never to Flush Down The Toilet

    You Can Prevent Toilet Clogs Get Plumbing Services In Northern Colorado A blocked toilet is something you do not want in your home. You can prevent toilet clogs by avoiding flushing down items that lead to blockage. Ace Hi Plumbing offers solutions to a number of plumbing problems in Northern & Central Colorado. The following are things you should never flush down the toilet. Baby Wipes You sh…Read More

  4. 4 Services Ace Hi Plumbing Can Offer You

    Plumbing Services in Northern & Central Colorado Schedule Your Services Plumbing services are of a wide range that a skilled plumber can offer. Ace Hi Plumbing provides these services in Northern & Central Colorado. It has a team of skilled plumbers who work on different plumbing-related problems and give solutions. The following are services Ace Hi Plumbing provides. Leaking Pipes Repair …Read More

  5. AC Unit Repair: Do I Need It?

    We all like to set our thermostats to just the right temperature. Some of us are “hot-blooded” and prefer colder temperatures, while some of us run a bit more “cold-blooded” and like to keep it warm inside; whatever your preference is, we all like to have control over the temperature in our home, and to adjust it to our comfort levels. We may not think about it very often, but our home has…Read More

  6. Managing Your Home’s Heat During the Winter

    When it comes to the winter months, there are a variety of things to get excited about. There is plenty of snow to frolic around in, there might be a variety of winter sports you want to participate in, and there are delicious treats, hot drinks, and holidays with the family to look forward to. And many people will tell you that there are few things better than curling up in a warm and cozy home o…Read More

  7. Preparing Your Home and Plumbing for Winter

    For folks who live in Colorado, especially folks living in the Front Range area, the upcoming winter months are somewhat of a double-edged sword. For many people, the sight of snow covered trees, getting warm next to a heater with a warm drink, and the opportunity for winter sports brings about some excitement and enjoyment for the winter months, especially with thoughts of the upcoming holidays. …Read More

  8. Boiler Preventative Maintenance

    We all know you should get the oil in your car changed every 3 months or every 3 to 5 thousand miles. But when should you get your boiler serviced? It’s a different piece of machinery to consider, as well as experiences quite a different usage style compared to your car. But like a car, it provides a pretty essential service for you most days, and not maintaining it is just as much of a pain. Ke…Read More

  9. Water Heater Expansion Tanks: What They are Designed For

    When most people hear the word water heater expansion tanks, they have no idea what it means, what it is, or what it does. The few people who do know it, probably think of it as that little tank that sits above the water heater. If they have one that is. They won't really understand what it does nor how important it is to have with today's codes and developments. That’s where Ace Hi Plumbing can…Read More

  10. Everything You Need To Know About Direct Vent Water Heaters

    If you are a first-time homeowner, then you are very likely still learning all about the different components of your home. It’s not like you didn’t know where the air conditioner, furnace, or water heater resided in the home — or homes — you grew up in. But, chances are good that you didn’t have a lot to do with them. But once you got the keys to your very own castle, everything changed…Read More