1. Why You Need Your HVAC System Serviced

    After a seemingly non-existent winter, spring has sprung in Colorado, with toasty temperatures and searing sunshine right around the corner. Soon, you’ll need to power on the HVAC system to keep your home cool and comfortable. But is your home’s HVAC system ready for the summer heat? Has it been serviced in a while? If not, you could be sweating it out in the summer heat, wishing you would’v…Read More

  2. What’s That Thing in My Drain?

    As the Fort Collins plumbing services professionals, Ace Hi Plumbing understands a simple fact: if you have a clogged drain, you’ll know it. It doesn’t take long to realize that a drain in your home is messed up, clogged up, or backed up, and it leaves you with one simple question: What on earth is in my drain? To find out the answer, you’ll need to contact a drain cleaning professional. But…Read More

  3. Signs It’s Time To Say “RIP” to Your Water Heater

    There comes a time in the life of every hot water heater when it no longer has the energy or the physical vitality it used to in its youth. Here are a few reasons you should say “RIP” to your old hot water heater and trade it in for a newer, younger model. Hot Water When You Need It Everyone knows the story: You’re five minutes into a seemingly great, warm shower, and you throw some shampoo …Read More


    Many people that have septic systems are unaware of how they actually work. Knowing how they work is beneficial to knowing the proper times and ways to maintenance your system. Maintaining your septic system and leach field is very important to the lifespan of your leach field and could save you thousands of dollars. Even as much as a dripping faucet could affect your leach field and cause harm to…Read More

  5. Tank Water Heaters

    There are many different choices out there on the type of water heater to have installed in your home. We will explain to you why we choose Bradford White over many of the other brands. When your spouse doesn't have hot water to you want to wait over the weekend while waiting for parts to come in for your other brand water heaters? Bradford whites parts are readily available for same day repair. T…Read More

  6. Maximize Warm Airflow This Winter

    Colorado is cold, and while the mountains look beautiful covered in snow, it’s hard to crave that bone chilling feel when you’re inside of your home. Luckily our HVAC units provide us with tons of warmth throughout the cooler season. If you’re looking to maintain this warm temperature throughout your home, there are a few quick and easy things that you can do to maximize the flow of air thro…Read More

  7. Common Issues With HVAC Units During the Winter

    Winter brings about plenty of issues, especially with the way that Colorado weather tends to go. These below freezing temperatures call for proper preparation, otherwise, there are some serious issues that could arise because of negligence. At Ace Hi, we ensure that all of our specialty services are taken care of before the cold weather ever has the chance of ruining your home. From your plumbing …Read More

  8. Tips For Saving on Electric During the Winter

    In our last blog post, we covered a few of the ways that can help you save some money as we enter the cooler months here in Colorado. From changing the direction that your fan is spinning to the types of thermostat that you use to monitor your HVAC unit, there are still quite a few other ways that you can see your electric bill lower this season. Here are a few more tips from the team of HVAC prof…Read More

  9. Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill This Winter

    In our last blog post, we unveiled the reality behind which one of your heating and cooling services is more expensive, if you haven’t make sure to check out our blog, but if you’re in a real crunch for time to find new ways to save some money on your electric bill this winter, then save it for a snowy day. At Ace Hi, we are always looking for ways to make our customers homes more efficient an…Read More

  10. What’s More Expensive, Heating or Cooling?

    Living in Colorado, we are all exposed to both the hot, hot days of summer and the brutally cold winters. Knowing that we experience both extremes, most Colorado families will do what they can to ensure that their HVAC system is in tip top condition and that it provides them with the comfort that they need. Since we all do use our HVAC system so much, we are also familiar with the spikes in electr…Read More