Do you have a sewage backup? Do you have an unpleasant odor in your home or business? It may be time for a sewer line repair or drain cleaning. If you notice any of the seven signs in this blog post in your home or business, you most likely have a sewer line issue. It’s not enough to wait and hope the clog goes away on its own. You want to act immediately before the toxic waste flooding your home or business creates irreparable damage. Contact Ace Hi for expert plumbing services in Fort Collins.

Why You Need Plumbing Services

Regularly or frequent backups mean you have a deteriorating or already broken sewer line. What’s more, the damage won’t fix itself; it will only get worse. Your best option is to call for professional plumbing services in Fort Collins. Ace Hi can help! Here are seven signs you probably need your sewer line repaired:

Sign #1 – Backups and Blockages

A sewer backup usually occurs through the lowest drain in the system. This can mean your basement bathroom, first floor guest bathroom, or your clients’ bathrooms on the lowest floor. If you flush a toilet and your sewer backs up and floods, you have a problem you need resolved immediately.

Sign #2 – A Rancuous Odor

If you use the toilet or are near a drain and you get a whiff of some awful smell, whether feces, toxins, or otherwise, you probably have a sewer line issue. It can be tempting to pour drain and sewer cleaner down the pipe, but that will only compound the problem. Call a professional like Ace Hi to service your sewer needs.

Sign #3 – Mold

It’s relatively common to smell your sewer and then find mold close-by. The moisture and bacteria growth that’s needed to facilitate mold is prevalent with the sewer issue. If you find mold in and around your sewer lines, drains, or nearby, you probably have a sewer line issue.

Sign #4 – Extra Slow Drainage

If you’ve noticed your drains clearing water slowly, you may have an oncoming sewer line issue. You can give drain cleaner a try, but if that doesn’t work, you probably need to call for plumbing services in Fort Collins to address a potential sewer line repair need.

Sign #5 – Lush, Green Grass

Take a look outside at your yard. Do you see a lush, green patch of grass compared to the rest of your yard? If the answer is yes, you may have a sewer leakage underground.

Sign #6 – Sagging Lawn Patches

Closely following sign five, you may have patches of grass sinking or “sagging” in your yard. This is typically due to a sewer leakage underground that’s saturated the dirt. This causes lawn patches to sink.

Sign #7 – Foundation Issues

Severe cases of sewer line issues involves foundational sinkholes. This can lead to foundation cracks and irreparable damage. If you notice any of the first six signs, make sure and take action before the broken sewer line damages your home.

Do you need sewer line repair services in Fort Collins? Contact Ace Hi today!