coldLiving in Colorado, we are all exposed to both the hot, hot days of summer and the brutally cold winters. Knowing that we experience both extremes, most Colorado families will do what they can to ensure that their HVAC system is in tip top condition and that it provides them with the comfort that they need. Since we all do use our HVAC system so much, we are also familiar with the spikes in electric bills and when to expect them, but once question that we receive often here at Ace Hi is which one of these HVAC services is more expensive, heating or cooling?

Over the years we have definitely seen the ways that these two services fluctuate and have seen patterns where we can, but believe it or not, there is an actual answer to this question and it’s been proven. But let’s do a breakdown of the process before we reveal it to you.

The Cold of Winter

Seeing as how it’s October and snow isn’t anywhere on the horizon, let’s start off with the cool months. The average temperature of a winter day in Fort Collins is roughly 31 degrees Fahrenheit. When we look at the average low of winter days, it’s usually 17.9 degrees Fahrenheit. These two temperatures, both below freezing temperatures, can require quite a bit of h

eat to maintain heat in a home, so it’s got to be this one that costs more to maintain, right? Well, when you factor in the size of your house, how old your furnace and HVAC units are, and the overall efficiency of your home, what are the chances that the heat is able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home?

hotHot Summer Days

While those cold winter times also require efficiency to maintain temperature, homes can have a much more difficult time retaining the cool air during the hot summer days. The average temperature is about 63.7 degrees Fahrenheit. With an average like that, the hotter days can take a larger toll on parts of your home that affect the temperature and amount of work that your HVAC unit needs to do. For instance, the color of your roof, sheets of your windows and insulation of your home could leave your home hotter than you’d like for it to be.

The truth is, your heat costs more than your air does, and there is actually a reason behind that. Unless your home is extremely insulated and has a furnace that burns fuel efficiently and safely, then you are likely spending much more on heat than needed. If you’re ready to change this, call Ace Hi and have our team of professionals determine what’s hurting your heating bills most.