A garbage disposal is one of the best inventions in our kitchens. It makes clean up after meals a snap. You simply rinse your dishes, including uneaten food and food bits, down the drain, hit the garbage disposal, and everything is whisked away without you ever having to think about it again. But did you know that what you do put down your kitchen drain can affect your plumbing? Ace Hi Plumbing offers the best heating, cooling, water heater, and plumbing services in Estes Park. From toilet installation to drain cleaning, we’ve got all your plumbing needs covered. In this blog post, we’ll review how your garbage disposal affects your kitchen plumbing. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs!


Garbage disposals, when used properly, do not clog your drain. However, the problems arise when you put items down your garbage disposal that shouldn’t go down. This can cause the garbage disposal to not do its job of grinding up the food particles to be washed down the drain, which then clogs your kitchen pipes and plumbing or can cause water leaks in your plumbing.

Garbage disposals have grinding blades that grind the food up into tiny particles. However, grinding blades can become jammed by putting in the wrong kinds of food or too much food. Bones and fibrous foods such as potato peels and corn husks are some of the biggest culprits. Furthermore, pouring grease down your kitchen drain is one of the biggest no-nos that people do and can cause big plumbing problems. The problem is the grease can cling to your plumbing pipes, which can cause build ups in your pipes both in your kitchen that the ones that flow away from your kitchen. When your pipes are clogged, it’s often necessary to call in a professional plumbing service such as Ace Hi Plumbing to restore your plumbing back to its original status.

Water leaks can occur in and around your garbage disposal as well. These are usually caused by improper installation of the garbage disposal itself or by these same components becoming loose over time. A part could have failed as well, and the fix could be a simple as an O-ring replacement. However, if you are unsure where the leak under your kitchen sink is coming from, give Ace Hi Plumbing a call in the Estes Park area. We’ll have it all fixed up in a jiffy.

Another common kitchen plumbing issue that can cause plumbing leaks is where your dishwasher is attached to the sink. There is a drain line that runs from your dishwasher to the top of the garbage disposal with another waste drain line that attaches near the bottom. Usually a loose connection or a failed gasket is the problem. However, if you’ve replaced these and there is still a water leak, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing service such as Ace Hi Plumbing in Estes Park for a solution.


Taking care of your appliances and using them properly is the best way to take care of your plumbing when it comes to kitchen plumbing. However, Ace Hi Plumbing is here when you need us, whether it’s just to inspect your plumbing system or help stop a leak. In addition to plumbing services, we offer heating, air conditioning, and water heater repair and maintenance services as well in the Estes Park area. With over 20 years of HVAC experience, the team at Ace Hi Plumbing can handle all of your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. We strive to make your life easier by offering stellar customer service and getting your appliances and pipes working properly again in a timely manner. Give us a call today!