We often take our water heaters for granted until they aren’t performing at their best any longer. At Ace Hi Plumbing, we are passionate about what we do. Because we have been serving Northern Colorado for years as a family-owned, Top Rated Local® HVAC and plumbing service, we have what it takes in order to spot, diagnose and repair any problems with your water heater. Whether you have a gas, electric or tankless water heater, our commitment to excellence will provide you with the water heater repair that has made us Fort Collins’s favorite heating specialists.

If you feel like there is an issue with your water heater, or if you notice one of these common water heater problems, then contact us today!

No Hot Water

When you turn on your hot water and experience nothing but cold, something is clearly going wrong with your hot water heater. If you are getting a steady stream of water out of your faucet, this generally means that there isn’t an issue with the actual pipes. However, because your water heating system is made up of more than one part, the issue could be almost anywhere down the line, including:

  • The heating element is malfunctioning (more common amongst electric water heaters)
  • The thermostat which controls the water temperature is not working
  • The gas is not being turned on due to a safety issue in the system (check to see if the pilot light is on)
Hot Water Runs Out Fast

If you have several people living in your home or if you try to run your dishwasher while showering, chances are you’ve experienced the hot water running out. While this is not an issue with a tankless water heater system, it is a common problem with traditional water heaters, and is a result of either an outdated/inefficient system or an improper tank capacity for your demands.

Tune in next week to learn more about common water heater problems, or call Ace Hi today to get the water heater repair Fort Collins loves!