Keep Your Water Heater Efficiency High

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Water heaters must be maintained to keep them running with total efficiency. Plumbers handle the maintenance of different water heating systems. Ace Hi Plumbing provides water heater maintenance services in Northern & Central Colorado. The following are tips to keep your water heater happy.

Drain The Tank

A water heater tank should be drained at least once per year. Draining removes sediments that impede the transfer of heat and reduce the efficiency of the heater. Manufacturer directions are followed when draining to prevent damaging the system.

Adjust Temperature

Temperature can be lowered from 140o F to 120 o F, which works well for household use. Take a shower after adjusting the temperature to notice the difference. Reducing the temperature slows the buildup of minerals and minimizes scalding. It will also save you on power costs.

Insulate Pipes

Insulation can be added to the pipes for both the hot and cold water. This is done on up to six feet of the pipes connected to the heater. Insulations help prevent fire hazards and conserve heat, reducing work done by the system when reheating.

Check The Anode Rod

Smelly water is a sign that the anode has a problem. A corroded anode cannot protect the lining of the water heater. An anode rod should be replaced if it is corroded. A professional plumber should do this work to ensure everything works correctly.

Regular inspections should be done on a water heating system. Ace Hi Plumbing will handle any issues with your water heater in Northern & Central Colorado. In addition, you can give them a call whenever you require high-quality plumbing services.

Get Water Heater Services In Northern Colorado