You Can Prevent Toilet Clogs

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A blocked toilet is something you do not want in your home. You can prevent toilet clogs by avoiding flushing down items that lead to blockage. Ace Hi Plumbing offers solutions to a number of plumbing problems in Northern & Central Colorado. The following are things you should never flush down the toilet.

Baby Wipes

You should never flush down baby wipes as it is likely to clog your toilet. Baby wipes do not disintegrate and may get caught up along the sewer line. Baby wipes should be thrown in a trash bin.

Cotton Products

Cotton products such as cotton pads, Q-tips and cotton balls are not safe for flushing. They do not break down into smaller pieces like toilet paper. These products clump together inside the pipe system, causing a blockage.

Dental Floss

You should never flush down dental floss as it gets caught up in the pipeline. After flushing dental floss, it forms a net that catches debris inside the pipe. It can also burn the septic system motor. Therefore you should throw dental floss in a trash bin instead of flushing it down.


Old pills should never be disposed of in the sewer system. Pills and other medications will break inside the water. Once mixed with the water, they form toxins that have harmful effects on the environment. Pills should be thrown in the trash bin instead.

Skilled plumbers should handle toilet clogs to prevent another occurrence. Ace Hi Plumbing has got you covered when in need of plumbing services. Feel free to contact them for more services in Northern & Central Colorado.

Get Plumbing Services In Northern Colorado