When plumbing problems arise, all you want is to solve them as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this may lead to attempting a DIY fix, but unfortunately, that often makes the problem worse. Instead, you must hire a licensed plumber to address it. But how do you know when it’s time to call one? At Ace Hi Plumbing, we’re proud to provide plumbing services to residents throughout Northern Colorado. Read on as we explain four signs you need to call a plumber.

shower headYour Water Isn’t Getting Hot

Unless you’re trying to cool down, cold showers are the worst! If you find that your water isn’t getting hot anymore, this could point to a bigger problem with your water heater. Your local plumber can diagnose it and perform a water heater repair if necessary.

someone using a plungerYou Can’t Unclog a Drain Blockage

Don’t waste time trying to fix a clogged drain yourself. Some blockages are too stubborn or large and require professional assistance. At Ace Hi Plumbing, we’ll be more than happy to provide a thorough drain cleaning so you can enjoy clear drains once more.

sink faucet Your Faucet Keeps Leaking or Dripping

A leaky or dripping faucet might not seem like a big deal, but over time, you’ll notice an increase in your water bill. Instead of letting it get worse, seek the best plumbing in Northern Colorado. Our team will address the problem and save you money.

sewer capYou’re Smelling Sewage in Your Home

Yuck! Are you smelling a repulsive sewage odor in your home? That’s an immediate sign to contact a licensed plumber and inquire about a sewer inspection. Otherwise, if the odor lingers for too long, you may develop health issues.

Don’t put off unresolved plumbing problems! Instead, as soon as you realize something’s wrong, contact Ace Hi Plumbing today. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park, and our experience is your guarantee.